SFI & TripleClicks Business


I realised that most people who join SFI always have trouble understanding what the business is. They know that the business could make them a lot of money but they don’t know how to start, thus they quit so fast.

In this post, I will be explaining what SFI & TripleClicks is, and how the two are related. In addition to that, I will talk about the various ways affiliates make money, and what one needs to do in order to learn more about the business.

So let’s begin…

SFI and TripleClicks are two businesses in one. TripleClicks is an online store which has over 114,000 products, sold by TripleClicks direct; E-commerce Associates, called ECAs; and member listings. ECAs are commercial sellers or companies that market their products side-by-side with the TripleClicks very own products, aka TripleClicks direct. TripleClicks/ SFI members are also allowed to sell any unwanted stuff on TripleClicks, through the member listing program.

SFI, which stands for Strong Financial International, is the marketing group for TripleClicks. It promotes and sells TripleClicks products; registers new affiliates, who promote and sell both SFI and TripleClicks; provides support and makes payments to existing affiliates.

After you sign up with SFI, you automatically become a TripleClick member. You can opt to promote SFI and TripleClicks or one of the two. TripleClick promotions involve generating sales for TripleClicks direct and ECAs products.

SFI says that when you build a team, you build your success.
Building a team means getting people who are interested in building an SFI business, to sign up under your sponsorship. As their sponsor, your job will be to ensure that they are achieving their goals and that they have all the support they need. If you enjoy teaching and building relationships with people, then this is definitely for you. At the beginning, you need to let your new sign ups feel cared for rather than being rushed into something so you can make money out of them. Let them take their time in learning the process. Once they ease into it, your job will be done and you can just sit back and watch them work for you. This is where the passive income comes from. You earn from any purchases they make on tripleclicks and also get matching Versapoint shares. I’ll explain the matching VP below.

You can build your team by selling SFI to your friends or family. If you are not a sales person, don’t worry because SFI has some marketing tools that you can use to get sign ups. Better yet, you can get sign ups not only in your country but anywhere in the world.

Matching versapoints enables you to earn through a profit sharing program called TripleClicks Executive pool. Versapoints are points awarded for various actions done in SFI. They are a measure of SFI success. The list of actions that are awarded versapoints are found in the to do list page which is on the SFI homepage.


Every month, SFI puts 40% of commission value into the TripleClicks Executive pool. For every one versapoint accumulated, you earn one share of the Executive pool. However, you must reach a minimum of 1500 Vps, in order to be eligible for the earnings in the pool. When your team members earn versapoints, you get matching shares in the pool. For example, if you have 5 team members and they all have a total of  17,500 versapoints, you earn a matching 17,500 shares of the Executive Pool.

The matching versapoints that you accumulate can be counted up to the 12th generation of your sponsored affiliates.


The table below shows the income potential for up to generation 6.

GenerationTotal affiliates/ generationAmount of VPs per affiliateTotal VPs
Total versapoints39,060,000

The current value of 1 versapoint is $0.00035.

Therefore, in one month you make: 39,060,000 * $0.00035= $14,452.20.


  • This is passive income.
  • The value of versapoints varies every month depending on the sales for the month.

You can also decide to join SFI to promote your business through the ECA program; and/or sell unwanted stuff through the member listing program. What attracts ECAs to join SFI is the fact that it is free and  they get worldwide traffic of over 2 million affiliates who can not only buy their products but also market their products. Visit the Your Business page to learn more about this program. An example of an ECA is Olivia Store, which is an advertising company.  The ECA’s target market is the SFI affiliates. Olivia Store does ad campaigns for existing affiliates and sends them new affiliates to help boost their teams. You can click on the image below to view the ECA’s homepage.

There is a lot to learn about SFI. That is why every new affiliate is always recommended that after they sign up, they review the launchpad lessons.

The lessons provide all the relevant information about working with SFI. When you need some vital information, please check the launchpad before going to online forums. Some online forums do give contradicting information. Another option would be to speak with your sponsor. If you also feel like you need training about how to build your team; refer ECAs or even start an intern-based business e.g. a blog, you can visit the training index.

I would love to hear about your journey and the challenges that you are facing. Leave a comment below and I’ll get in touch.


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